Qualitative spatio-temporal reasoning

Our work in spatio-temporal reasoning focuses on relative orientation calculi. Reasoning problems (e.g. consistency of constraint networks) of these caluli are existsR-hard. Therefore, we develop and compare different approximation algorithms for these caculi.

Moreover, an important problem is that there has been a profileration of many calculi, varying in topic (mereotopology, absolute orientation, relative orientation) and granularity. An research question is how to heterogeneously combine these calculi, such that problems can be modeled using different calculi in an integrated and coherent way.

Completed projects (funded by DFG within SFB/TR 8)

  • R4-[LogoSpace] Constraint-based Reasoning in Qualitative Spatio-Temporal Calculi
  • I1-[OntoSpace] Ontologies for Spatial Communication
  • I4-[SPIN] Specification for the Integration of Spatial Concepts


  • Zeno (developed in our group)
  • SparQ (develop in Bamberg)
  • GQR (developed in Freiburg)

Publications of our group

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