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Distributed Ontology, Modeling and Specification Language (DOL)

The Distributed Ontology, Modeling and Specification Language (DOL) has been designed to achieve integration and interoperability of ontologies, specifications and models (OMS for short). DOL is a language for distributed knowledge representation, system specification and model-driven development across multiple OMS, particularly OMS that have been formalized in different OMS languages and logics. DOL has been standardised as a standard of the Object Management Group. We also have developed some DOL extension for Ontology design patterns.

DOL resources

Common Algebraic Specification Language (CASL)

The Common Framework Initiative is a voluntary organization, sponsored by IFIP WG1.3, and founded as an open collaborative effort to produce a Common Framework for Algebraic Specification and Development, including CASL, the Common Algebraic Specification Language. CASL has strongly influenced the development fo DOL.

Heterogeneous Tool Set (Hets)

Hets is a parsing, static analysis and proof management tool incorporating various provers and different specification languages, thus providing a tool for heterogeneous specifications, in particular for the languages CASL and DOL. Logic translations are first-class citizens.

Hets homepage

Ontology development

We participate actively in the development of the Open Energy Ontology.

Completed projects

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