download and installation

Try out Hets, using the Web-based interface

The Hets license (English German) is GPL. See at the end of this page how to obtain the sources.

Report a bug or see the list of known issues on our Hets development site.

The best way to use hets is under Ubuntu. Possibly run this OS in a virtual box.

A compressed (1.2G, uncompressed 4.2 G) virtual box image can be downloaded from here. username/password is ubuntu/reverse.

Hets under Ubuntu

  • the basic system
    sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
    sudo apt-add-repository ppa:hets/hets sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install hets-desktop
  • for the full system including all provers etc., use hets-desktop-all instead of hets-desktop
  • for using Hets as a server providing a RESTful interface, use hets-server or hets-server-all. This is a smaller version without GUI dependencies. Note that also hets-desktop can be used as as server.
  • for Hets development, additionally type in:
    sudo apt-add-repository -s "deb trusty main"
    # for other Ubuntu versions, replace "trusty" by the name of the Ubuntu version sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get build-dep hets
    The Hets sources should be obtained from the git repository (see the end of this page).

Hetsfor Mac

brew tap spechub/hets 
brew install hets-server
brew install hets-desktop

Hets Images for Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

Hets binaries are available here:

(these are usually not needed but may replace the binaries from above)

How to use a hets binary?

Just download the binary and put it somewhere in the $PATH.

  • Our current linux binaries also rely on gtk-2 and glade-2 libraries for more and better menus. Thus you may need to install additional libraries. Use ldd (or "otools -L hets" on Macs) to see which libraries are missing.)
  • For displaying development graphs (with the -g option), you need to install uDraw(Graph) (formerly known as daVinci) that relies on Tcl/Tk (version 8.4 or 8.5) (which probably has been already installed on your computer anyway). Make sure uDrawGraph and wish are in your $PATH.

Download the CASL libraries and set $HETS_LIB to the folder containing these.

How to install software needed for theorem proving with Hets? (only needed when working with the binaries)

  • For interactive theorem proving you may install Isabelle.
  • For automatic theorem proving you may install SPASS and/or Darwin.
  • For reasoning about OWL specifications you may install Pellet and set $PELLET_PATH to the directory containing the script

Obtaining the Hets sources

Hets is written in Haskell. You can obtain the Hets sources from the git repository with:

git clone

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